Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Prayers Go On

It is the nature of things to be of impermanence. The fluctuating weathers of Oklahoma can speed up that process. In the Spring just past these fluctuating weathers of heat and cold, winds and rain made it very obvious it was time to retire Sister Lodge. So it was taken down and laid to rest.
It is said that what happens on the land stays on the land. Therefore, the prayers and offerings that have been given here continue on indefinitely. As one looks with other eyes on the fire ring,the Lodge Pole and the Altar which are still standing, there is an awareness that the power and energy of the Lodge still remain. Rather than taking this blog down, the decision has been made to keep it open in the hopes that the information about participation in the Lodge will be of benefit to anyone who may find their way to this space that continues its sacred work. So may it be.

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