The Lodge Keeper

With a deep belief that the land is held as a sacred trust this space was offered and is kept as a place of ceremony and of healing.Now sitting in  the North, the place of wisdom and of teaching, the keeper of the lodge holds this place as sacred. for all people,Walking in the Christian tradition as a Methodist Minister for many years, sitting at the feet of many Native Teachers and also a mindfulness practitioner in the Zen Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hnah  with humility and gratitude the work continues for the sake of the people
I am a risk taker,sometimes creative, other times not,an intuitive dreamer, poet,teacher, workshop designer and story teller. I have been a Minister in a lot of settings over the past thirty years and am now focusing my energy on Meditation and the Arts, hosting the Lodge Circle and Singing Stones Sangha, Meditation Group. I have a passion for what helps people grow in awareness of their sacredness and have little patience for anything that is hurtful to either persons, critters or the earth. I have always found myself on the margins of conventional religion or politics.I live on a hill in Eastern Oklahoma which holds with honor an ancient Indian Grinding Stone, hence I have chosen Singing Stones for this sacred place.My life is about helping people know that Words and Life are sacred, interconnected and that every being is part of The Sacred Circle of  The Universe and of Mother Earth.

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