Purpose and Inscructions

  •  The purpose of the ceremony is spiritual growth and  healing for oneself, for others and for this planet Earth It is also for wisdom and guidance so we may  serve the Creator and the people in a good way, bringing balance for the mending of the Sacred Hoop of life
  • The Ceremony—The leaders of the sweat lodge will give specific instructions during ceremony. It is important to show respect throughout the entire ceremony—to the Creator and to all in attendance.  Because tobacco is a sacred medicine given to us by the Creator, it is for ceremonial use only. We ask that you not use it socially at ceremonies. We also request that you be clear of alcohol and other mood altering drugs.One can become physically ill otherwise or cause injury for others. The sweat lodge and other events at Singing Stones are for those who are serious about spiritual growth and healing.
  • We encourage people of all beliefs and races to attend and participate, however, we remind you that this is for your benefit, it does not prepare you to conduct ceremonies for others.

  • Sweat Lodge Instructions
    Fast or eat lightly during the day of the sweat unless you have medical conditions that would restrict fasting.
  • What to bring:Water bottles-Potluck style food to share at meal after sweat.
  •  PLEASE  only healthy foods (high protein, low carbohydrate)
  • If you have difficulty with hypoglycemia,bring juice and nuts. We will also have juice available.
  • An optional financial donation for the host lodge, sweat leaders and fireman is appreciated  This is used to offset expenses of providing sweat: wood, water, travel, food etc.
  • We are encouraging environmental responsibility using no paper products or styroform. All plastic water bottles are recycled.
  • All food scraps are returned to the earth and left for the critters. 
  • What to wear:
    Men wear bathing suits during the sweat , have a towel for use during sweat.
  • Men and women need additional towels and dry clothes to change into after the sweat.
    Women wear modest loose fitting shorts, slacks,loose fitting top or loose dresses (cotton is best).
  • Jewelry is best removed as the heat can burn
    Note: Women cannot participate in a sweat  or work in the kitchen during their menstrual periods. The reason for this is not that women are considered unclean as in some religious traditions but that women are seen as exceedingly powerful during this time.
  • Medical instructions—If you have heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or other medical conditions that would be of concern, please talk to your physician. We know diabetics may find it helpful to bring candy or juice for immediate problems of hypoglycemia but these must be followed immediately by a high protein food.
  • If you cannot stay in the sweat, you are welcome to leave at any time and later may re-enter if you are able. Those who are blocked from going into the sweat for medical reasons are still welcome to attend, sit outside, meditate, enjoy the spiritual atmosphere and provide prayer support for those inside the lodge.
Lots of wood is required for a sweat lodge so it is appropriate and expected that wood either be brought or replenished for the sweat which will follow. Doing that will assure that wood will continue to be available for others.

This preparation involves:Cleaning the lodge area, cleaning rock pit,covering the lodge with tarps and blankets, seating mats in lodge, preparing changing area.
  • Assembling lodge tools; buckets etc. these are kept in the little house Ceremonial items for altar are kept in fireplace area in the house.
  • Place water,ice and juice close to lodge opening 
  •  If eating outside: setting up area for the feast; tables, table coverings and eating items. waste baskets for recycling plastic, paper and food.(all food waste goes to the critters) 
  • After Lodge Feast:
  • table clothes, dishes and uneaten food to kitchen. Dishes in dishwasher
  • return altar items to fireplace area in the house at direction of lodge host or sweat leader
  • raise lodge coverings from bottom of lodge so they can dry and rocks can cool
  • Take mats out of the lodge and put in provided container. Put in garage so they will be washed later.
  • Remember; do this work slowly and mindfully as you have not yet regrounded from being in the Lodge, however the physical work is a way to connect your body with the earth and recenter.
Some other suggestions for your spiritual preparation:
  • Mindfully walk the land. sit by the grinding stone. spend some time listening to the trees and the grass. Find a particular tree and know it is your relative.
  • make some prayer ties to take into the lodge or to hang on a tree
  • walk the medicine circle which is south of the house.
  • use this time to reconnect your body,mind,emotions and spirit as an offering to Spirit.

thank you for being here. Once you are here you will always be a part of this lodge circle.

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